'A terminal is required for this step'

Hey All, @Dhall

Irregularly Cycle fails steps in an otherwise perfect running feature with this message :

Not sure what could cause this, anybody ?


Would you be able to share the feature(s) file?

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Hi @JohnM,

Without the feature(s) file it is difficult to diagnose the problem.
However, I have found this error when the <I open terminal …> step has not been executed.

You can see help about this step in Cicle Step Guide

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Hi @JohnM ,

This is pure speculation, but as a best practice, I’ve started using the I verify screen is done loading in terminal within <NUMBER> seconds step after every screen transition, usually at the beginning of each scenario that interacts with the terminal and expects it to be at a certain state


@magowan @Fernando @RobFaust
Thanx all for your response and appologies for delayed response, I have been swamped with tasks this week.

-Sharing feature : a lot going on in this particular outbound feature, I use stuff from wms bundle in its original (base) state and also in modified (custom) way.
-‘I verify Screen is loaded’ suggestion I will apply and see if this becomes more stable for me

  • I did not get around checking the suggested Cycle step guide. but will do that as well, next week :slight_smile:

All in all the strange thing for me is that it appears to be unpredictable when this happens.

How does this ‘I verify Screen is loaded’ step technically work ? Is there some exchange in status between Cycle and the terminal emulation ?

@JohnM Hi John, Here is a screenshot of the Step description:

So basically, Cycle watches the load screen for the amount of time specified in the Step, and the Step will pass if the screen is loaded during that time period, and will fail if the screen is not loaded during that time period. Let me know if that answers your question, or if you need more details?

@JohnM Could you upload a report of each Feature File executing in its entirety?
Even if that report doesn’t include the failure shown in the image, it will still help us dive through the step-by-step output.

@Jillian.Ketterer @RobFaust @Fernando I think it’s interesting that the Step Error Details screenshot shows that the Terminal Screen has in fact rendered and the Output Pane seems to indicate that the terminal opening step has already been run.

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@JonathanYiv I agree that is strange. If we get the full feature or at least the reports, we would be able to identify the issue and log a bug or enhancement (of the error details) with the necessary details for future development.

Trying to post related report

Sent a report to Jonathan Yve since i cannot attach pdf or xml output here

@JohnM I have turned this into a support ticket!
We will post updates here for those interested in the resolution.