Accessibility in Cycle Cloud

Listening to the most recent episode of Go Time, Jon Calhoun provides some great insights into his experience as a developer who uses a screen reader. It really got me thinking about what someone like Jon’s experience would be using Cycle Cloud. I’d be interested to hear input from anyone in the Cycle Community about any challenges or successes they’ve had with accessibility features.

@brian ,

First of all - thanks for sharing this podcast! I have not heard of this before, and always looking for new stuff to listen to. Secondly, I think accessibility is super important as we move forward in the tech space. I see so many areas that lack for people who are hard of vision/hard of hearing or blind or deaf.

I definitely think somethings we can easily do with Cycle Cloud are some minor changes that would benefit everyone, especially those who are hard of seeing/blind. Here are some ideas that come to mind:

  1. Allow changing text size for built in editor
  2. Avoiding colors that are not visible by color blind folx
  3. Allow a full screen mode for the Cycle Cloud file editor, so that it can more visible for those folx
  4. Allow changing font color to more high contract colors for easier visibility