Best Cycle script beautifier for use in VS-Code

Hello All, best whishes for 2023 !!

Have question :slight_smile:
Does anybody use a VS code beautifier extension to use on Cycle feature scripts ?
There is stuff to pick from in the VS code ‘extension marketplace’ but maybe one of you
already uses one and is happy about it.

Looking forward to your views/ tips.

Regards John Mies


Best Wishes to you as well John,

I use this one and I like it. It’s not perfect but helps tremendously when using VSCode with .features.The areas where it does not exactly align with Cycle are ‘Once’ keyword and conditionals. All in all it has served me well.

Name: Feature Syntax Highlight and Snippets (Cucumber/Gherkin)
Id: Blodwynn.featurehighlight
Description: Syntax highlight and snippets
Version: 1.8.0
Publisher: Roland Orosz
VS Marketplace Link: Feature Syntax Highlight and Snippets (Cucumber/Gherkin) - Visual Studio Marketplace


Happy New Year, all!

I’ll second the suggestion above. In addition to the ‘Once’ keyword, It will also omit the ‘If’ statements and ‘While’ loops.

I haven’t given the Gherkin Beautifier a try for the indenting, but I’m assuming there may be some issues since the keywords above aren’t standard in Gherkin.


Installed 'Feature Syntax Highlight and Snippets" extension.
Works fine except for mentioned conditionals.
Which I need to be aligned the most :wink:

Any other extension you guys use to take care of formatting those ?

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