Can the Cycle Datastore write custom columns/values in addition to the default schema?

Suppose I have a particular value (or multiple values) that I want to track in my output to group patterns.

I see that the datastore has the default schema here:

What I’m wondering is whether I can add a column (or table?) and somehow “mark” values to write to said columns.

For example, suppose I am testing a web application using Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Edge, and I want to have a column named “browser” in the [cycle_test_execution] table.

Is there a way for me to add said column and have Cycle’s Datastore write the expected value to said column?

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I can envision ways to potentially have this happen via leaning on the tag column, having some step specifying XYZ, or some other convention, but there are various situations where it would be helpful for a specific column and set of values reported

To my knowledge, Dan, we can not have Cycle emit additional reporting data to the respective tables natively.
I think, theoretically, we could modify the schema and add additional fields that aren’t primary keys that default to NULL.
Then, we could have Cycle set up a database connection to the reporting database and then populate the field via targeted SQL commands throughout the test execution.