Comparing Result Sets from SQL/MSQL

When performing a SQL or MSQL query via CycleScript, is there a way to access the result set itself from that query and compare it to a prior SQL or MSQL query?

Sorry Jonathan but I don’t know enough about Cycle 2.x to be able to answer that question but maybe @brian could point us in the right direction?

There currently isn’t a way in Cycle 2 to do that, unless you iterated over the rows and handling all that yourself.

Thinking about the further, I wonder if the MSQL/SQL itself could to the comparison? Depending on what you are comparing, you might be able to leverage the technical functionality of either MOCA or SQL to compare tables for example.

Some number of years back, I wrote a policy comparison (poldat table in WMS) via MOCA that would not only tell you if there was a difference between poldat in environment A and poldat in environment B, but it would spit out a CSV of the differences.

Sounds good - thanks for the clarification all!
Since some of our test engineers in the field don’t necessarily have MSQL/SQL experience and may have difficulty generating such a query, this could be a potential product enhancement.