Controlling Postman

Hey all,

Does anybody have any experience with controlling Postman application using Cycle, any pointers on how to get this working ?

Hey John,

Postman is build with ElectronJS, so it is essentially just a specialized Chrome web browser. Thus, you can see the DOM by opening the View menu and selecting Developer > Show Devtools. Then you can use any web step to control Postman. One Cycle setting you will need to be aware of is the custom Chrome location setting. You will need to enable that and set the location to be Postman.

I am curious, what are you intending to do with Postman that could not be done with the API steps built into Cycle?

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Hey cameren, appologies for late repsonse, busy time :wink:

For the Custom Chrome browser location setting : Do I have to point the path towards the Postman.exe ?

FYI, we use Postman a lot for developments and manual testing.
So having Cycle controlling Postman for our Posts and Gets was a logical step.
I tried to make it work in the beginning of 2021 but it proved unwilling and luckiliy I ran into “Newman”. In our features I use Newman to run collections we made with Postman and I was able to control the running of Newman with Cycle fairly easy