Disable the Auto Complete function in the Cycle Feature File Editor

Is there any possibility to disable the Auto Complete function in the editor?
If not, is it possible to have a project setting for this function in a next upgrade of Cycle?

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Hi @Henk,
Welcome to the Cycle Community, and thanks for the feedback!

We do not currently have the ability to turn off Auto Complete in the Cycle 2.x editor.

I would be happy to add that suggestion to the backlog and consider it when we prioritize updates for a future release. It would help me if you could give me a bit more information about why you are requesting the ability to disable this function:

  • In what ways is Auto Complete in the Cycle editor getting in your way? What are you trying to do?
  • Are you trying to write a Cycle test using predefined Steps, that you can execute? Or are you trying to write requirements or draft test specifications in free-text format?

This information will help me to ensure we address the core need driving your question, and will also help with prioritizing this against other updates on deck for Cycle 2.x.

Thank you in advance for any additional information you can provide.
Jillian (Product Manager)

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Hello Jillian,

most of the time I am editing existing test scripts. If I change a line and want to go to the next line, I first have to use the mouse to get rid of the AC function; I cannot use the arrow keys to go to the next line.

Sometimes I press the Enter key and the line I have been working on is substituted bij an example line from the AC function. Very annoying.

It would be great if you could disable the AC function in the project settings and activate the AC function on demand while you are editing and are in need of a more exotic step (e.g. by pressing a shot cut key).

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Hey All, Jillian,

Want to support Henk in his suggestion to include an on /off switch for this auto complete.
It is definitely helpfull but can also get in the way when you are in full feature edit/ debug mode.

Is anything possible in one of the next releases of the Cycle app ?

Regards John Mies