Dynamic Test Cases

Hello All,
I am trying to make the test cases dynamic, that is, to find at run time the values of variables to be used in the test cases, such as Trailer Number, Carrier Move ID, Load number, etc.

These would be the main points in the structure

  • Cleaning
    Clear data from a previous run of the Test Case

This is the only thing I have found on this section

  • Search
    Search in the corresponding WH_ID the necessary data to execute the Test Case

  • Generation
    Generate the XML with the data

This is the only thing I have found on this section

  • Execution
    Run the Test Cases

This is my question:
How can I make the test cases dynamic?

Thanks in advance

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Hello Fernando!

That’s a great question.
Are you using the Framework/Library?
If so, the framework has a concept called Dynamic Data where you can inject ?variable:value into specific Test Case Input variables.
You can refer to it on page 29 of the Library User Guide.

Let me know if that is what you are looking for!

Hi Jonathan,

Where can I find “Library User Guide”?

Hello Fernando,

The ‘Library User Guide’ is located within the Library itself located at Documentation\Cycle Bundle User Guide for Blue Yonder WM.pdf.
Do you know if you are using the Cycle Test Automation Framework as part of your CycleScript implementation?
You may not have access to the pre-built Dynamic Data functionality otherwise.

Let me know if that makes sense!

Hi Jonathan,

How can I know if I ‘m using the Framework/Library?

We use Cycle 2.10 and in its documentation I can’t find anything about Dynamic Data

For clarification…

We are using the “cycleautomation” GitHub project, we are not using “WMS-BUNDLE-3.1.0.cycproj”

Fernando, you likely are not using the Framework/Library officially to my recollection, although I believe many of the concepts are in-place, but Dynamic Data may not be one of them.
I have sent you an email directly with a link to the Framework/Library and some additional commentary on how you could extract the Dynamic Data utilities and integrate them into your solution.