Hi, I'm Jillian, a Product Owner at Cycle Labs

Hi! As the subject says, I’m Jillian Ketterer, and I’ve been a Cycle Product Owner (PO) for about a year, and was a Cycle Scrum Master / Agile Lead for about 2-3 years before that. I remember Cycle when it was in its infancy, when Cycle 1.x looked more like a Notepad text editor. It has come a long way!

I am interested in Cycle because I am interested in technology that brings people together and helps them work efficiently and effectively. And I care about quality and risk mitigation! I am particularly passionate about the Behavior Driven Development (BDD) story that we can support with Cycle (and Cycle Cloud, in particular).

Something unique about me…hmm. Well, I think I have a pretty diverse background. I majored in writing poetry and creative nonfiction in undergrad, and managed a Reading and Language psychology lab for 5 years. Then I worked as a Medical Education researcher for 7 years, and got my Masters in Library and Info Sci during that time, which launched me into a job in Instructional Design for a training company, where I was first part of a team implementing an Agile approach to working. Then I became a software implementation trainer and engineer for about 3 years in eCommerce, which eventually led me to joining the Cycle team. It has been a wild ride, and I wouldn’t change a thing!


And neither would we :smiley: