How have you used Cycle Automation outside of the WMS space?

One of the big internal discussions we seem to have a lot at Cycle Labs is how we can expand Cycle Automation’s use cases to test things outside of the main industry that we empower (WMS). I wanted to see what use cases some of our users (or other employees) had thought up and implemented with Cycle Automation that were independent from WMS.

I think putting together some real world applications that showcase that our testing tool can provide value for normal everyday things will help us with adoption amongst a different audience of testers.

Does anyone have any ideas they’d like to share, or just general thoughts on this?

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I think that, for a lot of jobs that involve processing orders or otherwise navigating between screens to update various values for various customers (like verifying credits received for people attending classes (university or professional services like actuary renewals), basically anything involving Quickbooks or NetSuite, etc.), Cycle can be used to:

  1. Automate the process. Note that this need not just be a testing scenario. Cycle can run on a job to verify expected results in any web application, sure, but it can also be used by employees to more quickly run updates where their applications to do so may be… convoluted at worst or simply complex at best.

  2. Used for training. SOP documents for general businesses on how to do X could very well be augmented by having Cycle scripts that actually show the process flow for employees to see the steps needed to perform XYZ process

Of course there’s more, but these are two general instances that can be extrapolated out to larger metas

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Personally, I used Cycle 2 to scrape information that I routinely check on. For example, I have multiple retirement accounts. I don’t really like logging into each of them just to check my balance, so I wrote a script to log into each of them and write the balances to a file and then total them. I run it once a month and now I have a history of my overall progress.
I have yet to update that concept to use Cycle Cloud, however, because I cannot write to a file.

I used Cycle 2 to help a teacher. She had hundreds of questions, with at least 4 answer possibilities each, that needed to be uploaded to an interactive quiz platform. There was no automated way to upload a CSV, so each question had to be created by hand on the website. I created a Cycle Feature that read a CSV with the information and then used the web steps to input the information into the platform.