Howdy from Cycle Labs' "Most Micah" engineer!

As the title suggest, I’m one of Cycle Labs’ Test Solution Engineers and the most Micah one at that, given that it’s my name! I’ve been with the company going on about 2.5 years now. I’ve developed a wide range of test types such as volume, regression, BIT, simulation, and more, as well as work with teams to ensure their success by way of instruction and mentorship!

I originally joined the Cycle team due to a love of testing (I’m just really good at breaking things) and the joy of automation (pressing play on a feature file you’ve been writing for 10 hours just to see it work perfectly is just a wonderful feeling). It’s been really cool working with a developing software and am excited to see it continue to mature into the Cycle Cloud and beyond!

When I’m not on the job, most of my time is taken up with a myriad of different games:

  • I GM for two different D&D groups and am doing research to develop a third.
  • Currently my static team is striving to clear the final static tier of this raid season in FFXIV, and then we’ll move on to the Ultimate fights!
  • As for single-player games, I am currently attempting to consume the Witcher game series. I’ve been a fan of the third game for a while, but that’s all I’ve played, so I’ve gone back and played the first two games and have returned to the third. I am playing through on Deathmarch and am having a fantastic time. I am using a few mods (which I would be happy to disclose) that have really increased my enjoyment!

Beyond all that, I love exploring new table top games, hiking, bouldering (though I haven’t done this as much since quarantine), and going out on the town to dance and drink with friends (which I’ve done even less since quarantine XP)

If you have any questions about the Community space, Cycle in general, or… I guess anything - feel free to reach out!


Hey Micah! I also love the Witcher books, games and Netflix shows. I played the first game and liked it but never finished. Then the 3rd game got me hooked solid. Went back and read through a few of the books and short stories. Still have some more to catch up on.


The third game is really fun! It was also what introduced me to the series. This DeathMarch playthrough was really intimidating in the beginning, but once you hit level 10 it’s pretty much just like the other difficulty levels. I’ve been trying to clear all the map icons this playthrough too - which was not fun in Skellige. SO many useless smuggler chache’s, lol. It’s fun enough to throw a podcast on and explore though.