Interaction with gui of Cycle app

Hey all,

Sharing some observations I have noticed more frequently.
Normally I can interact with the data displayed in the output pane easily even while a feature is running.
But it looks like the longer I have Cycle in use during a given day the slower this interaction with the Cycle app seems to become. So switching between Feature Tabs, or doing somethin in the project directory also become a matter of having more and more patience.
The feature keeps running ok I think but everything else about the Cycle application slowwwwws down.

I’m running the latest version of cycle 2.10 build 24. My windows VM still has RAM and processer power to spare.
Cycle did manage to create a substantial database here :

When the feature finishes all becomes responsive again

Restarting the app helps but can anybody shed some light on this behavior… ?

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Hi John,
I am sorry to hear you are encountering performance issues with the Cycle UI. I know how frustrating that can be.

It sounds like at least some of this issue may be related to the way Cycle processes execution results during an active test. The database file you highlighted stores the execution results for the current Cycle application session. During an active test, the Cycle UI will be monitoring the execution results. When you restart the app, that database file will be cleaned up.

The best recommendations I can make at this point to alleviate the issue are…
(1) Use cyclecli to run larger tests
(2) When using the Cycle UI, restart the application between larger test executions.

The good news is that we are actively working on improvements to how data flows through the UI and how execution results are handled. Hopefully this will lead to smoother UI interactions in upcoming releases.

I am curious if this is something you have noticed specifically in the 2.10 version of Cycle or if you have been experiencing these issues in earlier versions of Cycle as well?

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@danwadeson hi,

Thanx for coming back to me on this topic.
Regarding version 2.10 being a suspect in this…
I feel this behavior got worse or more noticeable with this version.
So much so that I wanted to revert back to 2.9 to see if it indeed
is relatable to 2.10 in some way.
I haven’t found the time to do this yet :no_mouth:
My tests I run in the UI are not bigger then previous ones but sometimes clicking in the output pane to do a little check and browse while running a test now results in serious delays in response of the app.

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