Introduction - Seth Tarrants Cycle Labs SDET

Hey Everybody!
My name is Seth Tarrants and I work on the dev team as the SDET for Cycle. This platform drew me in with it’s open communication and push to make the lives of it’s users better through constant improvement.
I hope to provide a high quality, adaptable testing tool that provides meaningful benefits from Product Owners and Business side users down to test enthusiasts and those looking to improve quality.

Something personal about me, I love to play videogames, all types. My favorite videogame is hard to nail down but if I had to choose a single one I would have to go with Metal Gear Solid on the original Playstation. My favorite Multiplayer game would probably be Battlefield: Bad Company 2. I just had way more fun than should be legally allowed while playing with friends.


I’ve never played a Metal Gear game. What about it makes it your favorite?

I like the stealth aspect of the game and the music matched the games environment to set a unique and interesting atmosphere. For the time it was also unique and provided an overall new experience that I hadn’t had in previous games. Metal Gear Solid was my first intro into the Metal Gear series. I probably played the first ones but never got to into them due to their difficult nature and my focus at that time wasn’t on games. I’ve played them all now of course lol.


I’m ashamed to say the only Metal Gear game I’ve ever played is Revengance. It was a very silly, very fun game, but I don’t think it should count as a Metal Gear game, haha.

I’ve been meaning to get into 5 - I’ve heard a lot of good things about its open-world design. How did you enjoy it?

MGSV was a good game to satisfy that lack of MGS in my life. It has a deep base management system (build and recruit staff). The Story is complex, but that has to be expected in a Hideo Kojima game. I would definitely suggest anyone even slightly interested to check it out. It has a unique Cold war era spy/soldier game feel to it.

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Nice! I think I got it for free from the PS store a while back - now I just need to find the time to get lost in it, haha

When you find that time let me know what you think of it.

Dang! I haven’t thought about Metal Gear Solid in like 20 years!

Hahaha, you’re welcome!

Haha! Yeah it was one of the very few games I loved on the original playstation!