Issue executing same MSQL file on 2 different group tests

Hello all,

TLDR: Had an issue, resolved it as I was writing this post, continued to post it in hopes that you don’t get stuck on a similar issue.

Working on group testing, but one of my groups fails when executing the msql file to check the END-TEST policy using the path I provided. The msql file only needs the wh_id to execute and it runs successfully on another group.

Below are screenshots of it working in one feature, but not in the other:

Here’s the MSQL that it’s trying to run:

publish data
where wh_id = $wh_id
[select rtnum1 done
from poldat
where polcod = ‘TRYON’
and polvar = ‘END-TEST’
and polval in (‘ALL’)
and wh_id_tmpl = @wh_id]

The error I get is the following:

the uc_cyc_invnum was getting assigned a few steps prior but not being used later in the feature. I removed the step and this seems to have resolved the issue.