It's the Automation Panda!

Hey everyone! I’m Pandy Knight, the Automation Panda! I’ve known the Cycle team for a few years now and LOVE the product. Cycle makes Behavior-Driven development, testing, and philosophy easy. I’m honored to be part of this community, and I hope to add value however I can.

Aside from testing, I get into some cool stuff:

  • I’m learning to speak Mandarin.
  • I’m fixing up a vintage 1970 VW Beetle.
  • I’m raising a French bulldog named Suki.
  • I’m a big bubble tea drinker.

Thanks for joining in the fun @AutomationPanda!! We are honored by your support and appreciate your guidance over the past few years! We are excited about bringing the community together in this forum to empathetically challenge each other and have great conversations about how to move the space forward!!

Also, congrats on that amazingly cute new French bulldog puppy!

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Welcome @AutomationPanda ! I’ve heard a lot of people say some awesome things about you. Thanks for supporting Cycle and helping us grow. Also, show us some photos of the Beetle!!!

Welcome @AutomationPanda !
I spent some time learning Mandarin in High School but never continued. I had an excellent teacher but she didn’t stick around long enough for me to take the next class unfortunately. Loved the culture and complexity behind it but now I feel too busy to pick it up again.
Looking forward to working with you and this community to iteratively improve for the benefit of all.

Hey, great to have you!

Is the Starwest keynote talk you gave available publicly? It was quite inline with what we would like to begin building here in the community – an open source test case library of some kind.

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Agreed @cameren.dolecheck - I think it would be great to use this community as a jumping off point for test utilities/tools that can be shared with the community.

Welcome @AutomationPanda!
I saw your name on a Google Review for Taipei101 and must commend your taste in food.
@Dan, @Micah.Jones, @ryan.trotter and I used to have a recurring weekly lunch there actually.

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I picked the wrong time to see this. Now I’m starving for some Pad Thai

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Haha - I JUST ate with @courtneyshaw at Taipei101 last week and it was everything I remembered.

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Me and @ryan.trotter .trotter have been exploring the entirety of their menu.
I have personally really enjoyed their:

  • Squirrel Fish
  • Soup Dumplings
  • Mango Chicken
  • Pad Thai
  • Spicy Crispy Fish
  • Homemade Mini Steam Buns
  • Pad Thai
  • Japanese Style Crispy Tofu
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