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Was just speaking with @salim and it sounds like he may be experiencing a little bit of a rocky start to his login/getting started progress. Here are his direct comments:

retried logging in to the app, saw “unauthorized” on the browser, and it automatically directed me to the “Projects” page. I’m able to create a project, folder, and feature, but it doesn’t save the feature file contents.

Anyone on the product team want to take a stab at understanding the experience a bit more?

Nima Mohajerin from Longbow experienced something similar it sounds like:

It seems like we have some work to do on the login process still at this point.

Hi Josh, and Nima, and Salim.

We have seen similar, though not exact, behavior in exploratory testing on our end. We may need some additional information and may reach out directly to gather a few particulars. Thank you for taking the time to (attempt) sign up! We appreciate it.

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Hello @salim would you be able to provide further feedback in regards to the sign up flow issues you encountered?

Nima, @salim, @Josh - We fixed the issue with sign-ups that caused people to enter an endless “unauthenticated” loop. @salim, we believe you may have experienced this bug too, but we can’t be sure without a few more details.

We also have a new direct URL for the sign-up page:

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Thanks @jillian.ketterer - I’ll reach out to both @salim and Nima to see if they’d be willing to give it another shot!

Hey @jillian.ketterer,

Gave it another try, but seems like my email is already in use.

Minor issue UI issue - “Please wait while we process you information.” doesn’t disappear even though the processing was finished when I took the screenshot.

Can you either provide me a login URL or purge my existing email so I can try re-registering?

@salim I just purged your user account if you can try and sign up again. Thanks so much for your patience with this. You can reach out to me if you have any issues signing up - ryan . berger at cyclelabs dot io

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Hey @ryan.berger - tried again and it gave me a new error:

@salim ,

Did you click the “Verify Code” button after inputting the code? You’ll need to use the new code that was sent to your email address, not the older one.

Also, would you mind sharing what browser you are using?

@ryan.berger - I did use the new code. Tried one more time and it went through fine this time around :slight_smile:

Do you have any generic feature file content to try running (e.g., navigate to google)? I tried to queue a feature file for execution - can’t see its results and wanna make sure I’m doing it right.
(Feature execution is not related to Login - so we can take this to a different thread)

Hi @salim try this sample.

@Evan - it worked! I was able to Queue and access the results after execution. Yay!

@ryan.berger - I forgot to mention, I’m using Chrome Version 96.0.4664.45 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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That’s great news @salim! Thanks for the persistence!


@salim glad this is working for you now. I apologize for the issues you experienced. Thanks for hanging with us!


@ryan.berger and team, this is really exciting! I’d be glad to be of any help.