Passing Cycle variables to MSQL

Hi all,

From WMS bundle I am using a cleanup script form the datasets folder.

The relevant part of the script for this discussion looks like this :


These are the definitions where values from cycle variables get passed on to moca variables.

When I need cleanup after a listpick and deposit it works fine and from trace file I get this :

When I need cleanup after a palletpick and deposit it doesn’t work fine and from the trace I get this :

I know why my cleanup doesn’t happen, the second attempt try’s to find records in dB where the value for client_id that Cycle passes to the msql script suddenly has added spaces.

I’m not aware that my scenario’s or feature manipulate this client_id anywhere.

Has anybody ever noticed this or has a suggestion on what can cause thIs ?


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It’s great to have you here. Please expect a technical response soon.

Hi @JohnM

Can you post the trace file from moca as run from Cycle?

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I might have found a cause. I will come back on this a bit later

Found the culprit, I use Pallet Picking Process Detail from WMS bundle and if I add marked step to the part of the bundle-scenario then my issues go away :

The capture of the client_id comes with preleading and trailing spaces.
I used the marked groovy trick that I copy catted from another WMS bundle scenario to clean it up.

Happy camper once again :slight_smile:


@JohnM Nice to hear the issue is now solved. Please continue to post and comment in the community.

Feel free to reach out to me if you need anything at all.

@Dhall, would it be safe to say that it would be best practice to always perform such a ‘trim’ on data I capture from terminal ?

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@JohnM Yes, that is safe to say and common practice when capturing data from the terminal.