Repeated importing of scenario's when using WMS Bundle

Hey all,

Is there any way, when using the current WMS bundle to avoid (re-) importing scenario’s during the ‘Background’ part for every example form a csv test case input ?

Differently stated : When for ‘example 1’ the background, scenario outline and after scenario have been executed does Cycle dump all these imports before it starts to work on ‘example 2’ ?

The Background is intended as the setup that is required before a Scenario executes. Each execution of a Scenario Outline is considered a new Scenario execution, so the Background will execute each time. It also clears any variables and data that was setup during the last Scenario’s execution, so yes the Background is still required.

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Hey Cameren,
My question is more related to the need to reload and import stuff from the bundle for every line form my/ a CSV.

I understand you need to load the environment and import and run all scenario’s that you use during the actual testing.
But this stuff gets reloaded every time for every record in the csv. It takes time and generates a lot of data for the reporting as well.

I was wondering if there would be a way around this.