Some new Community Members!

Welcome to @kmisk, @Masapel58 and @Fernando to the Cycle Community. We’d love to learn more about how you learned about Cycle, what you are looking for in our community and how we can make the community experience more valuable for everyone!

Please take a minute to introduce yourself to the group here. We’d love to learn more about each of you.


Hi Everyone,
My name is Fernando and I work at DXC Technology. I have worked as a programmer and currently as a tester.
Our client requested to automate the Test Cases and that is how I got started in Automation Testing with Cycle.
I have automated the GUI app, RDT (Terminal), Linux and Web processes.

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Very cool @Fernando! Thanks for joining the community and sharing!

We’ve got various categories in the community that may be of interest to you. For example, if you haven’t signed up for Cycle Cloud, feel free to sign up and give it a shot! We’d love to hear your thoughts – especially as it compares to your experience in 2x.

Other topics that may be of interest are Cycle 2.x conversations and Tech Talk where we talk about Cycle’s place in the BDD world.

Appreciate you being a part of our community! Please feel free to invite others to the community as well as share the Cycle Cloud links!

Thanks for the information.
I will sign up for Cycle Cloud, it seems very interesting.


Awesome - thank you! It’s relatively bare bones right now and focus on web ui interactions but we will be bringing over more functionality regularly and would love to hear your thoughts!

Additionally, if you think there are others who may be interested in trying it please feel free to share! We are looking to gather as much feedback as possible!