Sometimes Enter key is not Working while automation

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While I do Automation on Web page, a text as input in a particular element and after that not Pressing the key Enter. sometimes working sometimes, it stuck same element. I’m not able to do further steps for automation. Is it right way giving the text as input and press Enter key on that element or any other method in cycle?
Please refer the screenshot below.


Enter Key

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Thanks for asking about that step. The step you are using “And I press keys ENTER” is actually a desktop step and is pressing ENTER on your desktop. The results of pressing ENTER on your desktop can vary depending on where your mouse or cursor is currently focused.

When running web browser steps, be sure to use the Cycle steps that end with the words “in web browser”. Using those steps ensures that Cycle completes the action in the web browser currently controlled by the web driver.

In your example, you would use “And I press keys ENTER in web browser” as the step to press the enter key in your web browser.


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Thanks for your help.

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